wreck the halls

Icon 1024x1024.png

price: free

platforms: android, ios, browser

engine: unity

tools: adobe illustrator, blender

language: c#

release date: october 2019

development time: 24 hours, plus post-jam work


i made this game as my submission in a 24 hour game jam hosted by a game development club at purdue university. everything in the game besides the sound and music was made by me.

this is a twin stick shooter where you fight off elves setting up for christmas the day after halloween. it was the first time i had fiddled with different lighting modes and post processing, and the result is a very aesthetically pleasing environment that feels good to navigate. one thing that i'm really happy with is how the shadows of incoming elves appear on the faces of the rocks, which serves to both enhance the mood of the game and communicate to the player where enemies are coming from.

i took a couple more days to polish the game as well as add an endless mode and port it to mobile. i worked on optimizing mobile performance without having to reduce the quality of the game's graphics.