no monkey business!

status: dropped

engine: unity, photon pun 2

tools: blender, probuilder, adobe illustrator

language: c#

development time: march 2020 - september 2020

unedited gameplay video:


this project was started with the purpose of making a lighthearted game i could goof around on with my friends. it is a fast-paced multiplayer shooter with an emphasis on unique gamemodes, with planned modes such as chunky munky (a twist on juggernaut) and capture the rotisserie chicken (capture the flag meets control points). i learned a lot working solo on this project, including networking code, unity events, modeling and rigging, level design, and ui design. while it was tough, i had a blast doing it all.

the game is currently in a playable state featuring a roster of guns and endless free-for-all gameplay. the above gameplay video is from a night i played with friends, and we all had a lot of fun. please excuse the lag - i was using my laptop's integrated graphics chip as well as recording.

ultimately, i've decided to drop the project for the time being as the code has gotten to a point of such convolution that making any changes or adding features is far more complicated than it should be. i've instead opted to step back and learn more about game architecture concepts such as inheritance vs composition as well as the solid principles of oop in order to prepare myself for larger undertakings such as this one in the future. despite this, i'm still incredibly proud of the work i did.




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